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Being Alone

It’s amazing that at 29 years old, I hadn’t mastered the skill of being alone. I typically hate it, I mean really hate it. I prefer to be busy, both physically and mentally. It’s not always possible, of course, and … Continue reading

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Out of Africa, but not really…

So let me confess, I needed a little break. REALLY needed a little break. Work was and continues to be all-consuming. You all know about the personal and emotional difficulties I faced recently. At some points, it all seemed just a … Continue reading

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Love’s Labor’s Lost?

So things don’t ever turn out like you plan, heck they often don’t even turn out like I imagine, but often in one area of our lives we have story that plays out again and again. I’ve often been told … Continue reading

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The Haboob of It All…

Now listen, I’m from Florida. So, I am used to sand; getting stuck in sand, walking in sand, and occasionally a little sand picked up by the wind delivered smack into your contacts. So, really I consider myself a bit … Continue reading

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Real Life

A personal account of a recent life-changing event the author experienced in rural Sudan Continue reading

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Henna Adventure

So I’ve had the amazing opportunity to spend time in a Sudanese salon. Only women are allowed there and things like hair cuts, facials, etc like anywhere else are common. The most common and the MOST desired treatment here is henna … Continue reading

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Two Weeks and Counting…

So, yesterday marked my two week anniversary of living in Sudan. So far I’ve begun work, got a local mobile phone, gone out to dinners, got the sattelite tv working, and started viewing apartment and houses available for rent. All … Continue reading

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