Some Secrets Are Meant To Be Kept

It makes me wonder if anyone is feeling like me

Infinite blessings, but a deep bottomless dark cavern swallows everything up. I can’t feel any of it. All I feel is the drop, never finding the bottom of the roller coaster

I wonder if anyone else feels like they are being rocked by never ending waves. With no help in sight, empty and unfriendly seas battering against the beating of my fragile heart. All I feel is the breaking, piece by piece

I’m alone in the solitude of this depression

Daily waking, working, and existing in a world that doesn’t know what is inside me. The pain and the heaviness is only mine to carry, a burden that can’t be shared

But oh, do I long to share it… share anything with anyone. To tell the truth of my soul. To scream to the mountains and the valleys of what I manage, but those mountains will be tossed on top of me if I utter a single word.

Shhhhhhhhh…. Some secrets require a crypt. Some secrets are meant to be kept.

Quiet quiet now, don’t tell about the stirrings of your soul. Don’t tell…


About larasmartin

I'm 31 years old, originally from Florida. This blog is meant to be uplifting and part of a journey. Won't you join me?
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3 Responses to Some Secrets Are Meant To Be Kept

  1. Ni-Kaye says:

    Well Written!

    • larasmartin says:

      Thank you very much. Sometimes, even if you can’t get it out exactly right, you just feel better putting pen to paper. Thanks for your kind words and support.

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