Raining On My Goodbye

I think it’s very fitting that my last day in Florida before I move is filled with thunderstorms and rain. It’s like Florida knows I am leaving and knows that while I was in Sudan THIS was what I missed the most… rain. It’s lovely to listen to the sound of rain falling outside my window right now. You don’t know how much you miss it until you live in a desert and here it is. It’s an all day rain with thunder (and a touch of lightning.) I’m in love with it. Somehow, maybe it’s because of the early hour, I’ve managed to not go out and dance in it. For now, before the world wakes up and I have to continue on, I will just pause to listen to the pouring rain and remember how long I used to dream of this sound. The perfect farewell from Florida…


About larasmartin

I'm 31 years old, originally from Florida. This blog is meant to be uplifting and part of a journey. Won't you join me?
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